Life and Style

After having the privilege of travelling across the globe the one conclusion that I've come to realize that regardless of cultural background or social status being able to look yourself in the mirror and truly love the reflection that stares back at you is a place of power!  When your soul is smiling, unhindered, that inner glow can persevere over insurmountable challenges. We at Annalay Accessories believe that loving yourself fills your everyday with magical moments; despite confusion, we experience joy when we celebrate ourselves and each other!  We produce jewelry to inspire and excite you; to encourage you to see your life as a platform for possibilities just from naturally expressing and enjoying the beauty that you are. I am honoured to journey with you through creating pieces you can identify with, where you can see your beauty reflecting back at you. A small token of joy so we can feel encouraged to find and create our special places in the world while looking damn good doing it!~  

 About Annalay 

With a background in economics, twelve years of jewelry importing, production design and public  engagement experience, Annalay Ajooway is an extraordinarily well-rounded craft professional.    During a trip to Guatemala she spent time under the tutelage of local artists and was deeply          moved by the communal nature of their practice. This led working with a small socially driven          jewelry initiative, which operated out Kensington Market for six years. Although tightly knitted          into the market's local business community, Annalay yearned to broaden her network, diversify her knowledge of unique pieces, and continue to entrench herself in culturally enriched artisan        communities. This desire brought her around the world to places like India, Tanzania, Rwanda,      Egypt, Ethiopia and her most memorable, an all women's monastery in the Himalayas. In addition to being a recognized jewelry and craft maker, Annalay has garnered a reputation for curation, education and business acumen. She owned and operated her own storefront, Annalay Accessories, in Forest Hill and operated a previous online store for the company Creation Jewelry. She is currently working on expanding her collection and stock-lists within Canada and the US. When Annalay is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two lively children Yen and Zen.