Be Sexy Be Smart Be Strong Jewelry to empower you through life's journey!

Style Mantra

We at Annalay Accessories believes that your soul is yours to explore! That our life is filled with magical moments everyday and despite the crazy world we live in we are obligated to celebrate ourselves. To accept, love and embracing who we are, knowing we are enough, knowing that dreams are meant to manifest and that within us is a compass leading you to those magical moments if we are willing to see them and experience them. We curate and produce jewelry to inspire and excite you; to encourage you to be the baddest version of you and to look damn good while-doing it! I am honoured to journey with you while you find and create your beautiful and special place in the world.

Namaste, Peace-out, See you in a hot minute!


Annalay Accessories is for the uncompromising women who wants it all!- however has come to the grueling truth that it's not going to happen all at the same damn time! Instead she lives in a rose-colored world, her world, that despite what ever challenges she faces she KNOWS she will overcome and become who SHE wants to be. What we curate and produce at Annalay Accessories, reflects our clients; it's diverse and beautiful, trendy without just wagging behind what everyone else is doing. Being different simply means being you; you can do that whether your a bad-ass professional running the show, a performer rocking the stage, an entrepreneur pursuing your passion/s and bringing your vision to the world or a fabulous mom who takes pride in enjoying her personal fashion pleasures as she does motherhood- at Annalay Accessories we produce pieces that excite you on your ride through life, inspires you to be your best and encourages unity and balance throughout it all! ~with you on life's journey!

About Annalay 

With a background in economics, ten years of jewelry importing with production design and public engagement experience, Annalay Ajooway is an extraordinarily well-rounded craft professional. During a trip to Guatemala she spent time under the tutelage of local artists and was deeply moved by the communal nature of their practice. This led working with a small socially driven jewelry initiative, which operated out Kensington Market for six years. Although tightly knitted into the market's local business community, Annalay yearned to broaden her network, diversify her knowledge of unique pieces, and continue to entrench herself in culturally enriched artisan communities. This desire brought her around the world to places like India, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Ethiopia and her most memorable, an all women, monastery in the Himalayas. In addition to being a recognized jewelry and craft maker, Annalay has garnered a reputation for curation, education and business acumen. She owned and operated her own storefront, Annalay Accessories, in Forest Hill and operated a previous online store for the company Creation Jewelry.  Today, her pieces can be found in Risqué Clothing  and Zade Jones Boutique, downtown Toronto but soon also in several other key boutiques throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. As she launches her NEW online shop with her newly branded line of unique handcrafted and imported jewelry she is also in the development of establishing a social enterprise for single mothers. When Annalay is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two children Yen and Zen.